People are in the very heart of our company and at the centre of our strategy. Equality, Diversity & Inclusion are integrated into BCM Culture. We are strong believers in people. With the right people in place the possibilities are endless, in our pursuit of excellence in everything we do.

With 30 years in the UK construction industry, our company preserves a family feel.

BCM operates a communicative, receptive, supportive environment where people are highly valued.

Teamwork and collaboration are integral parts of our culture, alongside readiness to go the extra mile and improve efficiency of work.

Although processes and procedures are captured in our Integrated Management System, BCM creates a progressive and innovative environment which and where employees are encouraged to think outside the box, drive change and deliver results without unnecessary barriers and bureaucracy.

BCM thrives on entrepreneurial spirit and employees are encouraged to think as owners of the company. Our leadership team is receptive to suggestions and challenges and have an open door and mind policy.

BCM is committed to be an exciting, enriching place to work for alongside forward thinking, enthusiastic and intelligent professionals.


The Leadership Behaviours Model illustrates the expected daily behaviours of all BCM employees. These are the competencies that we develop in our people as we believe they are key to the success of our business.

Lead by Example

Demonstrate the BCM Leadership
Behaviours, drive excellence, be a role model,
challenge yourself and others

Better Together
Take others with you, listen, be supportive, leverage diverse knowledge and expertise, have aligned objectives, recognise achievements and celebrate success
Improve Continuously
Invest time and effort into your development, ask and provide candid feedback, share your knowledge, best practices and lessons learned
Go Above and Beyond
Stretch yourself and others, use can-do and proactive approach, create innovative solutions and opportunities for business development
Stick to the Agenda
Understand broader impact of your decisions, align actions with our Core Values and Strategy
Build Trust
Always deliver on your commitments in an honest and transparent manner
For Leaders
Engage, Enable, Encourage, Empower and Embrace your teams

5 ā€˜Eā€™ MODEL

Additional expectations for our leadership team are reflected in our 5 ā€œEā€ Model:

Translating strategies into plans that can be effectively executed and engages others to constantly look for better ways of doing things
Encourages others to act and think in ways that will get the job done, takes appropriate risks on people through the use of critical experiences and stretch assignments
Minimizes or removes barriers that get in the way of achieving results, shares and leverages understanding of key business drivers to enable others to achieve better results
Empowers and coaches others to build their skills, gives constructive, actionable feedback to help people improve their performance, shares knowledge and skills with others
Embraces others via fostering a positive and inclusive work environment where all people feel respected and valued for their contributions

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