BCM are committed to finding solutions that prevent or lower the impact of our business in the areas we operate. We aim to provide an environment that is sustainable and fit for our future generations.

We have developed an Environmental Management System (EMS) to meet the requirements of ISO 14001. This system is a critical element of our business operations.

We provide a programme of continuous improvement, on-going staff training and targeted engagement of our workforce.

All personnel throughout the company and also our supply chain partners are actively encouraged to implement, practice and maintain the highest environmental standards in accordance with our company processes and policies.

The impacts of our business are reviewed and documented regularly to ensure that we meet or exceed our legislative requirements and any associated key performance indicators.

We look to achieve positive change throughout the business by reducing the potential negative impacts of our day-to-day activities and mitigating the environmental risks of our works and actions.

We are dedicated to environmental excellence and continue to seek solutions exploring new technologies and partnerships to help achieve success, to ensure that we meet our core values and objectives.

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