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BCM is committed to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards and recognises that the relationship between its supply chain partners is a vital component to achieve a high performance.

BCM offers a place of mutual trust and respect, which embraces diversity and values everyone for their merits. A place where people’s rights are honoured and they are treated fairly and consistently and expect our supply chain to do the same.

All supplier and sub-contractor relationships are sustained and strengthened through the construction of a level playing field – built on mutual trust, transparency, professionalism and integrity.

Supply chain partners always has a voice through our open communication channels policy; BCM vows to communicate fairly, truthfully, clearly and at regular intervals. Our collaborative approach requires mutual commitment – underpinning our obligations of responsibility and trust.

Expectations are clearly set out for each supply chain partner. BCM works systematically to resolve disputes at the earliest stage; in addition to facilitating opportunities for expansion and new opportunities of mutual interest.

Our supplier approval procedure ensures BCM follows a consistent and standardised approach to supplier qualification, performance assessment and ultimately certifying that all activities adhere to identified laws and industry regulations.

BCM continually work to develop a supply chain with values that align with our own. We are continually developing our supply chain to deliver our services more efficiently and effectively.

The company’s supplier assurance process ensures suppliers are vetted prior to approval of providing services to the company. New suppliers are required to complete a questionnaire that must be approved before any orders are placed.

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